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When are Flow State Marine Godzilla Engines a good fit?

Have you ever wanted to enjoy great power and reliability but didn’t want to turn to a local speed shop where each build is a new project; that may or may not have experience with engine design or marine applications?  Would you prefer power that matches Mercury Racing’s 565hp QC4v at reduced weight and without the $44,000 price tag? Perhaps you prefer to buy an engine that comes off a production floor and enjoys the quality control, reliability, and testing of serial production? If yes, Flow State Marine Godzilla Engines may be exactly what you are looking for.

Why the 7.3L Marine Godzilla Engine?

To have the latest and greatest engine architecture. The 7.3L Godzilla architecture is highly favorable for high load, endurance, and POWER. It also can do that on quite the diet compared to its BBC counterparts. The 7.3L Marine Godzilla weighs nearly 320 lbs less per engine than the Chevy big block (1100 lbs. vs 782 lbs. fully dressed). They also incorporate all the latest features of convenience including zero effort throttle by wire controls and electronic throttle bodies. No more manual throttling on cold start or during shifts to prevent stalling, often experienced with big cams and steep pitch props.  

In place of what engines can I use a Marine Godzilla?

In short, anything is possible. Currently these engines are a direct bolt in for Mercury Marine V8 inboard/outboard applications both single and twin-engine configurations in front of your existing drives. Bravo/Trs. Alpha not recommended. Engines are provided with a Merc style 8/9 pin barrel connector. Measurement is required to ensure fitment on side-by-side small block repower applications. We are also pursuing repower applications for the 6.2L Ford in ski and wakeboard boats. These share the same crank and bellhousing pattern as the 7.3L Godzilla.  

How are the engines installed?

Instruction guide is provided with the Installation and Owners Manual (IOM). This will include everything you need to know such as fluid levels and specifications.

Will I need to re-prop to get the most out of the Godzilla engines?

Yes, in most cases. We can provide some guidance.

What power level can I expect?

Base engine packages fitted with the smallest OE emissions compliant camshaft enjoy 490hp.  While we all focus on one number, Horsepower, these engines produce more plaining torque, and push heavy 10,000 lb. hulls to the same speeds achieved as their “blue motor” counterparts having 500-540hp due to significant weight advantages. Larger Cams and power adders, combinations 600+hp are available. When it comes to replacing a 496HO or similar BBC power plant, the decision is even easier. Added functionalities, more power, and less weight!

Will a Marine Godzilla work with my gauges?

The standard gauge package is NMEA2000 communication compliant; the latest and greatest. We can supply a daylight readable Vetron (VDO) Oceanlink 7” display as our standard gauge package. It will also work with other NMEA2000 devices if your boat is equipped with such. Vessel View will serve the same function as the Oceanlink should you already have one. Alternatively, we can fit the engines with additional sensors that work with conventional gauges separate from those that the ECU reads on its own.

What is this NMEA 2000 and does my boat have that?

What is NMEA 2000?   

Do some research or consult your boats manufacturer. NMEA 2000 network can be very convenient and started showing up on boat generally sometime between 2006 and 2014. 

Any fitment challenges?

You should not experience any fitment issue with width, height, or length when putting in place of a big block chevy. Compared to a BBC, the Godzilla is smaller in all dimensions except its depth, due to the oil cooler on the port side of the oil pan. This can be a challenge on hulls with under engine stringers. For example, our development hull, a Formula 382 Fastech which utilizes Formula’s grid system stringers. Fortunately, this hull’s grid system was previously notched for high capacity BBC oil pans which required the same clearance. If this is an issue and you do not wish to clearance a stringer there are engine oil cooler relocation and or shallow oil pan options available. 

How are 7.3L Marine Godzilla’s Supplied?

The engines are shipped completed in a crate having been test ran. The front and rear mounts ship loose within the crate, ready to be married to the engine once the engine is unbolted from the shipping crate and hanging. All the needed wiring and throttle provisions are included. 

What about the throttles?

There are three options. The first two eliminate throttle control cables and are replaced by a wire harness to the throttles, and the third is cable actuated.  

  1. Ship us your throttle controls and we integrate the throttle positions sensors 
  2. We supply you new electronic Livorsi throttle controls 
  3. We supply control cable to throttle position adapters to be mounted in your engine bay.  
What order lead times should I expect?

We build to order in batch production. Please inquire for current lead times. 

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