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Whether you’re repowering tired engines in a commercial vessel, pleasure boat, or just want
to go faster more reliably, the answer is our 7.3L Marine Godzilla Engines. Compared to
the widely applied Merc 454’s & 496’s you can gain a substantial increase in power at a
fraction of the weight, gaining speed from both improvements. Near 300lbs per motor savings! In
the case of Mercury’s HP500’s and other blue motors, no one likes top end or whole
engine overhauls. We know that valve train stress is the number one factor in marine
engine overhaul intervals. Repower and enjoy extended service intervals making the same
power at a fraction of the valvetain stress with Marine Godzilla Engines. Check out the
power produced vs valve lift and duration in the specs below. See our FAQ’s page for
swap, repower, and in depth integration details of our packages.

7.3L Marine Godzilla Engine

Base Engine Package 490hp- $29,000
Stage 1 Marine Godzilla’s option complete with upgraded camshafts, repower applications for 575hp class engines.
Stage 2 Marine Godzilla’s option complete with Whipple supercharger  for 650-700hp engine applications.
Stage 3 Marine Godzilla’s option with the full gamut of upgrades, heads, cams, supercharger, rod and piston upgrades. 700-900hp engine applications.


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