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“I will say this, Ford engineers outdid themselves with that thing, I mean THEY OUTDID THEMSELVES. I have never seen an intake port on a flow bench with that much inertial swirl AND that high of mass air flow rate, I’ve never seen that before. The way the port comes in and twists what that does is that it instills a lot of mixture motion when you do that there’s balance when that piston drops its hands you so much energy and I have to utilize that energy as efficiently as possible to get the air speed up. So if you instigate a swirl you use some of that energy so the flow drops, there’s no way around that. If you instigate swirl you loose flow. Because the energy’s gotta come from somewhere, right. So you’re converting that energy into flow your turning that energy into swirl in the ch


amber. But that thing actually moves an amazing amount of air and has swirl intensity like I’ve never seen. So, for an engine that has to operate at from 1500rpm to 7500rpm it’s absolutely awesome and the heads come with 2.300 install height from the factory. And a 60mm cam, and it’s a 4.500 bore space. Whoever does and aftermarket cam for that thing first is going to rule. Because it has so much potential. I mean, I could do a cylinder head, design a cylinder head that could do 1000 horsepower easily on that thing. So to answer your question, yeah I love that Godzilla engine.”

Darin Morgan

Bischoff Racing Engines, formerly of Rare Morrison Ref. DragBoss Garage Thursday Night Live Chat With Darin Morgan, Who Cares About Flow Numbers. Minute mark: 45:45  

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Big Block Chevy vs 7.3 Marine Godzilla

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